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Sure Women Cotton Dry Anti-perspirant Deodorant Aerosol 250 ml


Storm Lady GENTLE Deodorant Bodyspray, Imported from Turkey, for Luxury Classic Fragrance, Perfumed Spray 250ml Ideal for Women

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Nair Hair Removal Spray With Baby Oil – Rose Fragrance, 200 Ml


  • Nair Rose spray is enriched with moisturizing baby oil
  • Dye Free & Paraben Free
  • All Hair types


Product Description

Product FeaturesHair Removal Spray with baby oil It is suitable for all hair types For Silky-Smooth Skin For Legs And Underarms Only With Rose Fragrance.

From the manufacturer

nair Hair Removal range gently but effectively removes hair and is perfect for all skin types. Clinically & dermatologically tested, and infused with naturally-derived ingredients, our solution will leave you with silky, smooth nourished skin. Find what fits best from our range of creams, sprays, lotions & wax strips.


Shake the can upright and make sure your skin is clean and dry. Apply in the shower or bathtub, hold 5cm away from the body and spray to create an even layer over the desired area.

After 3 to 5 minutes, wipe a small area to check the results. If your hair is thick, you may need more time, but do not leave for longer than 10 minutes in total. Gently wipe off spray and unwanted hair with a damp washcloth.

Once all hair has been removed, rinse skin thoroughly with lukewarm water in the shower, pat dry and you’re good to go!


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