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Hiba’s Collection Whitening Foaming Face Wash (100ml)

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Hiba’s Collection bright and glow Sunblock SPF 50+ (100ml)


Sunblock whitening lotion with SPF 50+ by Hiba’s collection is a sunscreen with whitening properties.

It protects your skin from harmful sun rays that cause damage to the skin.

This whitening lotion is a non-slippery sunscreen that provides ultra sun protection with no irritation.

Moreover, it is water resistant and has elements that improve the skin complexion and reduces dark spots, discoloration, and wrinkles.


  • It provides ultra sun protection
  • This lotion is a non-greasy formula.
  • It improves texture and even skin tone.
  • This lotion reduces wrinkles, dark spots, and pigmentation.

How to Use

  • Apply the cream on all the skin areas exposed to the sun half an hour before going out.
  • Apply again after sweating, swimming, or likewise activity.
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